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It is said the Kyoya Distillery was founded in 1834, the fifth year of the Tenpo era. We have been using large ceramic pots in shochu production. The use of pots and small batches (about 800 liters per pot) induces natural fermentation that requires neither artificial heating nor cooling. Kyoya's company policy is to make shochu that is friendly to nature and the environment. Kyoya's subsidiary, the Agri Company, grows sweet potatoes using natural compost. Additionally, the company grows rice by taking advantage of the behavior of Aigamo (mixed-breed) ducks. These ducks eat weeds, plow the field with their movements and leave droppings, making the rice fields fertile and healthy without using agricultural chemicals. Some of the products use those kinds of sweet potatoes and rice as a part of its raw material. In spite of Kyoya's glorious tradition as one of the oldest distilleries in Miyazaki, Mr. Watanabe insists, "we will always pursue new dimensions of shochu without being contented".

ˇÚShochu Production at Kyoya Distiller & Brewer, Co.,Ltd ˇŰ (About 12 minutes) Promotion and Information of Kyoya Distiller & Brewer Co.,Ltd. Our business was established in the fifth year of Tenpou in Japan's Edo period, that is, 1834 in the western calendar. Over the generations, we have continuously inherited the traditional methods of shochu brewing from our forefathers.
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